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What does the Foundation do?

As a supporting organization to the Institute of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, the Foundation supports the Sisters' religious, educational and charitable mission. As a part of that mission, the Foundation makes grants to selected tax exempt organizations in North Carolina, with special emphasis on the Metrolina region and western North Carolina.

How do I submit an application?

Applicants submit an application to the Foundation in accordance with the Grant Application Process identified in this website.

Why does the Foundation use a two-stage grant application process?

The Foundation uses a two-step grant application process in order to give applicants an opportunity to make a preliminary case for their request and to give the Foundation an opportunity to determine interest in the request without requiring excess time and effort on the part of either.

Once I have the Grant Application, can I submit it for an amount or purpose other than what was approved in my Grant Application Summary?

Grant Applications must be consistent in terms of purpose and the amount requested with what was discussed with the Program Officer and approved in the Grant Application Summary.

Who is eligible to apply?

Tax-exempt health care, education, and social service organizations or units of local government in North and South Carolina, which meet the Foundation's criteria, as listed in Foundation Focus, are eligible to apply to the Foundation for a grant.

Do you fund capital requests?

The Foundation will occasionally consider requests for equipment and furnishings and, to a limited extent, renovation projects. Capital campaign requests for new buildings are not eligible.

Can a single request for funding be intended for more than one program of an organization?

Grant awards are made for either general operating support for an organization or for support for a specific project or program. If made for a specific project or program, grant funds may only be used for that specific project or program.

What should I keep in mind as I prepare my organization's request to the Sisters of Mercy of North Carolina Foundation?

  • Read the grant application materials given to you by the Foundation, along with the materials contained in this website.
  • Listen carefully to what program staff says to you about the process and your application.
  • Follow directions precisely as written.
  • Ask the program staff when you have a question about the process or the application requirements.
  • There are terms and conditions for every grant award, along with an evaluation process.
  • In outlining the proposed activities of the grant, plan ahead and think about what outcomes you would be able to demonstrate at the end of the grant term, and whether or not they are quantifiable and clearly measurable.
  • Decisions regarding eligibility, whether to award a grant, the amount of an award, and the terms and conditions of the grant are at the sole discretion of the Foundation.

Do I need to submit an audit?

Except in limited circumstances involving start-up organizations, Audits or Compilation Reports by a public accounting firm are required in support of an Application. As a rule, an Audit will be expected if an organization's annual revenues and support exceed $500,000. Below that threshold, a Compilation Report is acceptable.

What would be considered a "current" audit or 990?

A current audit, compilation or Form 990 is for the most recently closed fiscal year; however, if it has been fewer than six months since that fiscal year ended, the audit, compilation and 990 for the previous fiscal year would meet the submission requirements.  If more than six months has passed between the end of your fiscal year and the particular application or evaluation deadline for which you are submitting your documents, the audit, compilation and Form 990 for that recently closed year will be required.

What are clearly defined and measurable outcomes?

Clearly defined and measurable outcomes show, in numeric format, specifically what will change or improve for how many of the target population, and how you will document that change. Example: Reading scores will increase by 10 percentage points for 75% of the 100 children in the literacy program as measured by pre- and post-tests.

Do you publish an annual report?

The Foundation does not publish an annual report.