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Organizations seeking financial assistance must apply through the Foundation's grant application process.  The Foundation does not accept unsolicited applications.

Step 1: Program Officer Conversation

All potential applicants must first have a phone conversation with a Program Officer to discuss the need for funding and request a Grant Application Summary. You may request an appointment with a Program Officer by emailing or calling the Foundation.  Ideally, this conversation should begin well in advance of the cycle deadlines.  Requesting an appointment only a day or two prior to the cutoff date may be too late to schedule time for that particular cycle.  We typically are happy to begin these conversations as early as two months prior to the Grant Application Summary cutoff date. 

During the Program Officer Conversation, the organization representative should be prepared to discuss background information about the organization, including mission, budget, board, target demographic, current service levels and impacts, collaborators and sustainability. Basic information about the intended request will also need to be discussed, such as the use of funds, project budget, timeline and planned outcomes. If the request is consistent with the Foundation's interests and priorities, the Program Officer will invite the organization to begin the formal, two-stage application process by submitting a Grant Application Summary.

To request an appointment with a Program Officer to discuss your intention to apply to Sisters of Mercy of North Carolina Foundation, please send an email to  In your email, please include the name of your organization, your role at the organization and the organization's city.

Step 2: Grant Application Summary

The Grant Application Summary is the first stage of the Foundation's process.  It is an on-line form intended to provide the Foundation staff with enough preliminary information to assess whether or not the request can be considered, without requiring as much depth and detail as the full Grant Application. In order to be eligible for consideration in a particular full Grant Application cycle, Grant Application Summaries must be received by the designated cut-off date prior to that full Grant Application deadline. (See current Grant Cycle deadlines and consult with a Program Officer.) Grant Application Summaries should be submitted through the on-line application portal, the address for which will be provided to you if you are invited to apply following your telephone inquiry.  For more information and tips on the completion of this requirement, please visit the Grant Application Tutorial.

Step 3: Grant Application

If the Grant Application Summary receives an affirmative decision, the Foundation will provide the applicant with the on-line Grant Application in order to proceed with formal consideration of the funding request. The applicant must submit the completed Grant Application along with any required attachments to the Foundation by one of the three Grant Cycle deadlines each year.  For more information and tips on the completion of this requirement, please visit the Grant Application Tutorial.

At the Foundation's discretion, interviews at the applicant's office, the project site and the Foundation office may be a part of the review process.

Once the Grant Application is deemed complete, the Foundation will begin its formal review process. The Foundation discourages unsolicited phone calls from applicants during the review period.

Please note that the Foundation may amend these guidelines and procedures at any time without notice to applicants or grantees.